The Horror Genre Is The Best Genre

Written By: Tyler Oldfield


There is nothing quite like a good scare. The build-up, the subtle little hints of something frightening about to occur, then finally the climax of the horror shows its ugly face and leaves you quivering in fear, this genre is the best genre in a video game. The flexibility given to the creators are infinite, horror does not have to be grounded and as pragmatic as possible. Horror can be a stretch in the imagination, anything from werewolves to killer tomatoes.

I have always been big on the horror genre but it wasn’t until I played Outlast that it clicked. Even though the setting and setup was a bit cliché and conventional that didn’t stop it from scaring the socks off my feet. I was completely immersed with the grisly asylum and the conundrum surrounding the cursed building. With my headphones on full blast and controller in hand I slowly progressed on full alert, peeking around every corner hoping not to be bombarded by some ghastly creature. My character reached to open a door leading to a library, creaking slightly open I notice the room to be pitch black so I pulled out the trusty night-vision camcorder to get any insight of what is in the bleak room.

As I slowly pushed the door wider and wider a piercing scream fills my headphones and a deceased body falls from the ceiling. I Music amps up to level ten causing immense adrenaline to pump through my veins, I swing my hands over my head to swipe my headphones off and sit back looking at the game in awe. I had to pause the game and take a break to calm down. I resided to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and just process exactly what just happened.  After about 15 minutes of contemplating of whether I should continue, I decided to go forward with the hurdle.

That experience had been within the first 20 minutes of a 4 to 6 hour game, depending how fast you play. I loved every second of it, the rush of being vulnerable and exploring a perilous place whilst trying to escape insane inmates. It isn’t necessarily the gameplay that draws you in but the environment itself and the story surrounded by the tormented souls within the narrative arc that creates an outstanding horror scenario.


Technology and Obsession.

Written By: Tyler Oldfield

As humans we work hard to reach our goals or to meet deadlines. We go to school, cracking down trying to get the best grades possible so you can eventually go to a decent college and land a job that you love doing and pays well. It can be exhausting and at times extremely stressful.  Not to mention we all try to find balance between relationships with family, friends or your significant other. There are times you just want to get away and take a breather just to recoup.  Video games can be a great way to kick up your feet and enjoy a little “me” time. This is easy to understand because we all need a little break to keep our sanity. What happens though if our fun hobby of harmless pixel violence because something of an obsession?

I did a little research to find out who took their gaming hobbies to the limit. Some of the stories I came across ranged from, failed relationships all the way to death. With the video game industry stronger than ever and the younger generation of kids growing up with amazing technology, it is getting harder than ever to control that obsession. I personally worked with elementary kids for almost 10 years, and I see the way technology has come into play with their lives. No more is it reading a physical copy of a book but simply turning on the kindle fire while swapping between Minecraft and Harry Potter. It is amazing but at the same time these kids rarely ever tell stories of them exploring outside with their friends, but rather how they came across “Enderman” or spend hour’s youtubing scary video games. There are many kids suffering from obesity because of the lack of exercise they are getting, and you can’t be in denial about it, but it is most definitely due to video games. It has become an easy babysitting tool for parents who have had a long day at work and just want to relax and not deal with their kid.

One disturbing story I came across just left me in complete disgust. A mother was playing a game called FarmVille, when her infant baby began to cry. She was getting annoyed, the crying was interrupting her playing time. Furious, she marched into the baby’s room and began to shake the infant until it was no longer crying. The baby died, all because of some stupid virtual game. The mom got 50 years in prison, justice? Maybe, but that baby is still dead because of pure irresponsibility and obsession.

There is nothing wrong with playing games, I am probably the biggest nerd walking around,  just know your limits and know when you need to take a break. The games aren’t going anywhere, but your relationships and even your health can be threatened if you don’t take the time to acknowledge them.

Spineless Leader.

Written By: Tyler Oldfield


I have gone on and on about how Obama’s administration is just one big dysfunctional, lying group. They constantly sidestep questions and never hold themselves for accountability. After the Chattanooga shooting you would think that our Commander-in-Chief would do what seems like a logical step, by lowering the flags to half-staff. But because of the spineless leader he is,  that wasn’t on his agenda.

There is a meme going around that pretty much sums up what this administration is all about and just exactly where their priorities are. They will do ANYTHING to get a vote, that is what a liberal is all about,  they’re a flavor of the week.
It is clear that our President does not have any respect for our military, or even for the American people. He is cutting down our military, he is attempting to take away rights, he is basically disarming America. He is making us vulnerable to our enemies, and at the same time making deals with those said enemies.

Please do research on future presidential candidates, throw out the mentality of Republican versus Democrat or Liberal versus Conservative. Ben Carson once gave a great analogy saying that in order for an Eagle to fly it needs balance. How does it balance? A left wing and a right wing.

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”Max Lucado

“I mean, [America is] very much like Nazi Germany. And I know you’re not supposed to say ‘Nazi Germany,’ but I don’t care about political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.”
~Ben Carson, telling Breitbart News how America is like Nazi Germany because of liberals, March 2014.