The Horror Genre Is The Best Genre

Written By: Tyler Oldfield


There is nothing quite like a good scare. The build-up, the subtle little hints of something frightening about to occur, then finally the climax of the horror shows its ugly face and leaves you quivering in fear, this genre is the best genre in a video game. The flexibility given to the creators are infinite, horror does not have to be grounded and as pragmatic as possible. Horror can be a stretch in the imagination, anything from werewolves to killer tomatoes.

I have always been big on the horror genre but it wasn’t until I played Outlast that it clicked. Even though the setting and setup was a bit cliché and conventional that didn’t stop it from scaring the socks off my feet. I was completely immersed with the grisly asylum and the conundrum surrounding the cursed building. With my headphones on full blast and controller in hand I slowly progressed on full alert, peeking around every corner hoping not to be bombarded by some ghastly creature. My character reached to open a door leading to a library, creaking slightly open I notice the room to be pitch black so I pulled out the trusty night-vision camcorder to get any insight of what is in the bleak room.

As I slowly pushed the door wider and wider a piercing scream fills my headphones and a deceased body falls from the ceiling. I Music amps up to level ten causing immense adrenaline to pump through my veins, I swing my hands over my head to swipe my headphones off and sit back looking at the game in awe. I had to pause the game and take a break to calm down. I resided to the kitchen to get a bottle of water and just process exactly what just happened.  After about 15 minutes of contemplating of whether I should continue, I decided to go forward with the hurdle.

That experience had been within the first 20 minutes of a 4 to 6 hour game, depending how fast you play. I loved every second of it, the rush of being vulnerable and exploring a perilous place whilst trying to escape insane inmates. It isn’t necessarily the gameplay that draws you in but the environment itself and the story surrounded by the tormented souls within the narrative arc that creates an outstanding horror scenario.


5 thoughts on “The Horror Genre Is The Best Genre

  1. I was never one for horror genre when it come to films. However I feel that it is a genre that works phenomenally well in games. I find that I am alot more invested as an active participant rather than a passive observer. I’m looking forward to Until Dawn hoping it can get my scare on!

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    • I agree, being a participant in an abnormal situation is more entertaining than being an observer through through film. Until Dawn looks great, I’ve been keeping a low key and avoiding any trailers on the game. I want to experience it completely unknown.


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