Greetings World!

Today is the start of an exciting and long adventure into the world of writing, reviewing and discussing anything and everything. Interested in knowing about the latest video game? We’ll do our best to give you a thorough rundown of what to expect from the next blockbuster game. Maybe you are interested in trying out a new local restaurant but don’t know if it worth the money. We will be the guinea pigs and put our taste buds to the test and let you know exactly what we think.

We are literally going to talk about anything, some might say this site suffers from an “identity crisis”, but we say, who cares! You can expect open and honest opinions from us with an organic, not forced, vibe throughout our writing and eventually our broadcasting/pod-casting.

This is something we are doing not out of boredom or some fad. We are doing this because it is a true passion we have and something we love doing. Because of our strong commitment to give in-depth reviews and natural uncensored discussions, you can certainly expect the best entertainment around. We are a team of two and it is going to be a lot of work, we know this. But please stick around and in the long run you could be part of something special.

If you have stopped by this site already and have read this, we greatly appreciate it. You can expect this site to be updated through the coming months. Spread the word! The Young Beards have arrived!


-The Young Beards