AHHHello All!

Here at The Young Beards we will be discussing a wide range of topics. Anything from bloodsucking politics to the innovative side of technology. We are in the process of setting up a podcast/broadcast feature as well, which should be going live here in the next few weeks, depending on when you’re reading this. In the meantime we want to go over how our review process is going to work. We will be using a universal review system across the board, using a full number scale (1-10) to define what is a stud and what is a dud.

Food & Restaurant Reviews

The process of reviewing food or a restaurant is a simple one. If we’re reviewing a restaurant we are not only putting our taste buds to the test but we are judging the overall experience we had with the restaurant. This includes the set up, the customer service, the atmosphere and of course the food. When reviewing a particular food we will be as thorough as possible. We’ll attempt to give you as good of a visual when describing the texture, the taste, the smell, etc.

Video Game Reviews

If a video game is being reviewed then there is many things to look at and judge before making a final decision. There are four categories we will look at in order to give you the best idea of what the game is offering.

-Replay Value

These are the main things that will be reviewed for now. We will continue to give our thoughts on the latest movies or music and discuss the latest news happening around the world. Please LIKE us on Facebook by  Clicking Here. Also, if you have any questions or comments please visit our contact page and send us your thoughts!

Thank You,

-The Young Beards

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